Strike up a competitive partnership!

Entering into a partnership in motorsport and with such an experienced team as DVB RACING is unique of its kind. The offer and possibilities are near on inexhaustible and the return is guaranteed. With DVB RACING you can specify how far you and your partners or potential partners wish to experience the day of their lives in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. DVB RACING is the link between sport, recreation and the business world.

With us you are not a sponsor, but a true partner. Because not everyone retains the same longings and goals you can opt between different levels of partnership: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. For companies with limited knowledge of sport partnership but looking to become acquainted with motorsport we also have the Rookie option. It goes without saying that each formula can be customised with additional possibilities.

The possibilities are countless.

  • A VIP-welcome of your guests in loges or in a mobile structure.
  • Access to the paddock and DVB RACING’s pit box for you and your guests, so that as if it were they become one with the action. Because partners are an integral part of the team.
  • Race-incentives with race taxi whereby you and your guests can experience the sensation of a racing car with one of the drivers at the wheel.
  • Via brand awareness on the car and the team. This can range from a simple logo on the car to full exclusivity, both on the car and the team’s outfits.
  • A racing car in your showroom or on your trade stand.
  • Professionally assured rapport with the media via press releases, presence via social media such as Twitter or Facebook and all this both in word and images.

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